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Guilty Mom Syndrome

Guilty Mom Syndrome

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Must Watch! Guilty Mom Syndrome

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Tips on how to deal with the “guilty mom syndrome”. We are sharing what helps us as moms and business owners.

1. Spend QUALITY time with your child. If you have more than one child then try one on one time with each of your children. This builds connection with family and you’ll never have to go through that “guilty mom syndrome” again.

2. Schedule your daily task as a business owner. By setting a daily task list or a daily timeline really helps with staying focused as a business owner and helps with knowing when to switch gears from business owner to being just mom.

3. Create a visual calendar for the family and stick with your family plans. Now this tip kicks the “guilty mom syndrome” feeling out the door. I personally practice this weekly; it gives the whole family something to look forward to, keeps the family organized, and helps with communication.

4. Take time out every day away from the business to be able to manage your home (cleaning, cooking, and bills). This tip was by far the hardest for me to overcome, but I now realize that because I currently work from home everything has to be in order in the home to keep me from becoming distracted. So keeping the home in order keeps the “guilty mom syndrome” feeling at bay.

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